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  • Our meals are complete and balanced. Your pet will get the nutrients required in each serving of Chomp & Nibble.

  • We use all natural food grade ingredients.

  • Several of our ingredients are certified organic.  We are working to add more organic ingredients whenever we can.

  • We meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials, pet food guidlines (AAFCO).  




  • Made with fresh produce and meat.

  • Cooked, packaged and delivered the same day.




  • ​Delivered fresh weekly or fresh frozen monthly to your doorstep in an insulated bag to retain freshness.

  • Meals are packaged in Individual serving sizes.  

  • Served in freezable packing paper that retains moisture.

  • You can even serve Chomp & Nibble right out of the package!



  • Try it, your dog will love it!  





Frequently Asked Questions

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