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Paula Bogard
Pet Sitter and Owner

Paula is a lifelong lover of all animals. As a child she would roam neighborhood streets looking for living creatures of any kind she could get her hands on and take home. These included seemingly stray dogs, cats, rabbits, rats/mice, turtles, lizards, bugs, etc. Paula was basically a dog napper at 10 years old. 


Fast forward to young adulthood. Paula received her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, with a minor in business.  After a long career in Human Resources Paula realized her true passion, what makes her happy every day, was spending time with dogs.


In 2013 she transitioned from Corporate America to start Chomp & Nibble, Inc., a homemade dog food delivery service. Within a year of this new venture, Paula received an innovation award issued by Petfood 2.0. 


After a year of making dog food, Paula still wasn't close enough to her furry friends. So, she started pet sitting and fell in love with this profession. 


Paula is a long-time Mountain View resident, a mother to two 'human' children, and a pet parent to Ivy and Rusty, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.


In addition to being a pet care provider, making fresh dog food, and managing Chomp & Nibble, she is an entrepreneur whose mind never seems to stop thinking about new ideas, devices, services and products.  Stay tuned! 

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