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Professional Pet Sitter – Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto


If you would like to earn $1,000-$2,000 plus per month working part-time and doing something you love, being a premier pet sitter with Sit & Stay, Inc. may just be the job for you. Our pet sitters manage their own schedule, set their rate within a pre-determined range, and choose what pet visitors they share their home with. We do the rest! This includes advertising, qualifying pet visitors, transfer of funds, providing in-take forms, website portal and pet insurance. 


We are looking to identify just five pet sitters (initially) in the Mountain View, Los Altos and/or Palo Alto area who will welcome up to two dogs into their home. You will be the first to work with our premier pet sitting company in this booming industry.


Job Summary


Being a pet sitter at Sit & Stay is not a pastime or hobby, it is a job that brings an amazing amount of satisfaction, as well as extra income. Being a host sitter means you will open your home to dogs that are loved by their owners as much as parents love their children.


Dog walking, dog park outings, playing, cuddling, tummy rubs, waste cleanup and basic medication administration is required. Daily communications with our pet parents with pictures is also part of the job. 


Our pet sitters work in an independent capacity and choose the days they work, between 15-30 per month and determine their overnight rate, within a range of $45-$60 a night. 


Requirements and Experience


  • Must be a lifelong lover of dogs.

  • Ideal candidates will have parented dogs for a minimum of 5 years.

  • Those who have experience as a caretaker in any capacity--dogs, children, the disabled or elderly--will be the first to be considered. 

  • Pet sitters will have a fenced yard and be a homeowner.   If you are not a homeowner we ask that you get approval from your landlord. 


Skills and Abilities


  • Moderate physical strength and endurance is required.

  • Standing, walking, bending and lifting are a must.

  • Customer focused – ensuring your pet visitor is safe and happy, and the pet parent is informed and confident in your abilities is what we strive for.

  • Multitasking – juggling multiple things at a time while not letting things fall through the cracks and treating multiple responsibilities as priority.

  • Flexibility – being able to go with the flow and on occasion change the way you normally might do things in order to both service our pet visitors and pet parents is important.


All candidates will go through an interview process, background screen, and reference checks. If selected, pet sitter orientation and training will be provided.  We provide pet insurance for the first 12 months working with Sit & Stay.  Pet insurance protects you, your home and our pet parents.  Please visit Pet Sitters Association for coverage information.  


If interested, contact me about this opportunity at paula@chompandnibble or (650) 704-7148.


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