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My favorite doggie thing, January 2015 Cool print microfiber pet bed

As a lifelong pet parent I've had my share of pet beds. I've had the super plush, microfiber, memory foam, micro suede, chenille, the bolster, bumper bed, the cozy cave, etc. One of my all time favorites is World Market's dog print microfiber pet bed. These are the reasons why:

  1. I love the print! It is colorful and playful.

  2. It is super easy to clean. I just stick it in the washer on regular cycle, and then dry. It comes out a tad bit lumpy, but all you have to do is use your hands to flatten it a bit and it goes back to its proper form.

  3. Almost all my pet visitors, small, medium or large like to snooze on it. This tells me it is comfy.

  4. Based on other dog beds the cost is ridiculously low at just $29.99. And if you know anything about shopping at World Market they have fantastic sales and coupons, so hold tight and this bed is bound to go on sale at some point.

Below is a picture of pet visitor Bonnie relaxing by the fire on this super cool, fun and cost effective pet bed.

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