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9 things you do when you have separation anxiety from your dog

1. Constantly showing your friends and family pictures and videos of your tail-wagger. And when you can’t show them… spamming them with it via email, Facebook, text…

2. Using your fuzzbutt as an excuse to get out of all sorts of social commitments because you know you can’t bear the thought of being separated from him.

3. And when you do manage to pull yourself away from your pooch, you basically start every social conversation with, “My dog this…” and “My dog that…”

4. Feeling sad when you’re with your pupper ’cause you’re thinking of the time when you’ll have to leave him to go work.


5. Creating an Instagram for your furry BFF because he’s the best dog in the world and it makes you feel like he’s always with you.

6. Spending hours freaking out thinking about what your snuggle bug’s doing when you leave him.

7. Talking to his picture and saying things like, “I miss you.. but I’ll be home soon… so don’t worry.” When you really are trying to console yourself.

8. Using your work sick days so you can squeeze some quality time with your fur-baby sans distractions.

9. Creating special nights in with your pup-mate and spending time actually MAKING her meal from scratch while you eat Rice-A-Roni.

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