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My favorite doggie thing, March 2015 The Neater Feeder

Do you have a collection of dog bowls occupying your cupboard that you don't use? And perhaps you have a variety of dog bowl mats that are suppose to capture the water and food that doesn't make it into your pups mouth. There are so many cute designs, patterns, shapes and sizes that it's hard to not want to buy just one more. It's like a shoe collection; you keep adding and adding until you have a closet full of dusty shoes.

The problem with most bowls and mats are they do not prevent messes, and some add to it. As a professional pet sitter I have experimented with a lot of water and food bowls, and none compare to the Neater Feeder, and this is why:

--It does what it says it does, prevents messes.

--The design is modern-ish and comes in red/tan and two tone tan.

--It is durable hard plastic that doesn't show wear that much.

--It comes in four different sizes.

A couple of downsides to this product. First, it is pricy, comparably, ranging from $35-$60. Second, it appears Neater Feeders only come in two colors, and the tan on tan is boring. I would like different colors to match every room in the house.

To read more and purchase visit Neater Feeder

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