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Stop doing this with your dog

(1) Yelling at him...not nice! Try using body language, simple commands and a deeper stern voice works much better!

(2) Prolonged eye contact. I did not know this but apparently dogs see this 'gazing in ones eyes' gesture as unnerving, uncomfortable and domineering.

(3) Hugging. Dogs are hardwired to see the act of hugging as a way of exerting one’s dominance. Some dogs may try and tolerate it, but you should probably find another way to show your pooch just how much you love him.

(4) Forcing playtime can be uncomfotable for a pup. I did not know this.

(5) Patting or tapping his head. Petting is great, but patting he doesn't like and it can hurt.

(6) Dogs like to explore and sniff around on walks. Don't take hasty walks without providing your pooch some time to do what dogs do.

(7) Don’t let your relationship with your best friend become monotonous and turn into a mere, tedious ownership. Continue to do fun, exciting and new things with your pup. Don't be boring!

(8) Don't tease your pooch. Huh? And I thought my dog loved when I played keep away the ball from her.

(9) Canines are pack animals. They need a leader to feel secure. Please...please and more pleases, don't leave your dog home alone for long periods of time. They will become bored, then stressed which can ultimately turn into severe depression and anxiety.

(10) Leash tension. Both humans and canines don't like this. They pull forward, we pull back. Dang, I wish I knew how to solve this.

Summarized by: Paula

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