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Sit & Stay

Pet sitting at your house:


  • Our traveling pet sitters are flexible and approach taking care of your pets and home as their priority.

  • Your pet sitter hours are typically from 5:00pm to 10:00am. 

  • Your pet(s) will enjoy all the services that our sleepovers offer, including two walks per day, playtime, love, individualized care, and tummy rubs.  


Price:  $65/night

Sleepovers in our homes:


  • We offer 24 hour care for small dogs to gentle giants.

  • Our pet sitters welcome up to three dogs into their home at a time.

  • Your dog will be treated as a member of our host sitters family and will be given unlimited love, care and attention.

  • Our pet visitors enjoy two walks per day, and never ending tummy rubs and cuddling.  


Price:  $55/night

Sit & Stay is an overnight in-home dog care service.  We offer two types of home based pet sitting, in your home and in our pet sitters homes.

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