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Put the brakes on overeager eaters

My pup Rusty, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, eats so fast that he literally swallows half his kibble

whole. He's a little chunky boy because he isn't chewing or digesting his food correctly. So, I gave this Slo-bowl by Kyjen a try.

This is what worked - my doggie reduced his eating speed by about half. I think he actually chewed more kibble because perhaps it was more difficult to get so he wanted to savor it, not sure. I also really dig how the thing doesn't flip over as I was sure my pup would toss, turn and flip it.

What didn't work like I thought it would - I thought it would be more

difficult to get the kibble from this swirly maze. He's getting more clever about how it works so is getting to his food more quickly. Even though it doesn't flip it can move a bit here and there from its most agressive eaters.

Recommendation: Yes, I would buy again and will perhaps try the other styles.

Where to buy: Kyjen, Petco,, Pet Food Express and many more places. I always try to buy from the product developers/manufactures directly even though it is a tad more.

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