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Pups and Pot


  • Since 1970, marijuana has been classified by the federal government as a Schedule I controlled substance. Meaning it has no recognized medical uses and a high potential for abuse, placing it in the same category as heroin and LSD.

  • Many medical authorities, including the American Medical Association and the National Association for Public Health Policy, scoff at pot's Schedule I designation.

  • In 1996 California voters approved a referendum allowing patients to receive a doctor’s recommendation to grow or possess marijuana for personal use.

  • Nineteen states and the District of Columbia have since passed similar laws permitting marijuana to be used medicinally in people.

  • In 2012, Colorado and Washington State legalized recreational marijuana use.

  • Dr. Douglas Kramer 'the Vet Guru' was a pioneer in medical marijuana for pets suffering from pain and/or cancer.

WHY would someone give their pup pot? For many of the same reasons humans use marijuana for medicinal purposes, your doggie could also have some relief from chronic or acute pain, nausea and loss of appetite caused from cancer treatment, arthritis and anxiety. Ref: Paw Nation

WHERE can I buy pot for my pet?

HOW do I get my veterinarian to prescribe my best friend pot? Just ask. I know it seems like an odd question, but not these days. And if your Vet is opposed to it, research the sites above and perhaps they can refer you to a Vet that is more open to new-ish to medicinal methods for using marijuana.

WHEN will it be legal in my State?

Ask your veterinarian. Nevada is totally on the forefront of this. Check out what they are doing....LA Times

WHAT research has been done on marajuana and pets?

This is all I have, but more is to come. The American Veterinarian Medical Association

Keep in mind, our DNA, although similar, is not the same as our pups, and there are physiciological and biological differences between us, so we aren't the same. Don't take the side effects lightly (see below) and talk with a progressive veterinarian.

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